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Kulturhaus Dehnhaide e.V.

The social cultural center Kulturhaus Dehnhaide e.V., was founded in 1988 to fight against political decisions we didn’t agree with in the district of Barmbek Süd (south)
Barmbek is traditionally a workers district, now developing quickly into a dynamic part of Hamburg. Located in the middle of Barmbek Süd, the district today has a mixed population: seniors, young families, children, teens, refugees, people of all nations and income.

Our center is a cultural meeting point in the area with more than 20.000 visitors a year. It offers concerts, cinema, exhibitions, lectures, multimedia and theater to inhabitants. In January 2010, we moved into Barmbek°Basch, a community center with seven different organizations: public library, family education centers, church, offices and restaurant, all under one roof.

This social cultural center is a creative place of cultural work with a strong bond between the populations and an excellent network in the district and the city.

We offer different cultural projects like:

Regularly offers (examples):

Chorus DooDoobaa

Children group for “Gedichte für Wichte” (0-3 years)

Gemeinsam musizieren -  people from the neighborhood making music together with mentally handicappt people

Flee market inside and outside around the center

Senior groups – Gedächtnistraining etc.

SPÄT-LESE – open writing group


Kulturpunkt im Basch – cultural program for community center Barmbek°Basch and area Barmbek Süd

Baschkids: “Culture for young children”/ Cooperation project between five institutions of Barmbek°Basch

Stadtteilwelten: multimedia project for young (online magazine, film, video, cutting, editing)

Kulturrevier im Süden von Barmbek – events/ concerts in the area of Barmbek Süd at unusual locations (WIR WELT WEIT)

Middenmang – open online magazine/ website for all the people/ nations living together in the area of Barmbek and Hamburg, with special focus on refugee’s integration (WIR WELT WEIT)

Contacts Kulturhaus Dehnhaide e.V.

Wohldorfer Str. 30, 22081 Hamburg, Telefon: 0049 40 2995010
mail: info@kulturpunkt-basch.de

Director: Anke Amsink
Deputy CEO: Sabine Engelhart
Office: Sabine Kaloutsakis, Frank Zietko
Projectmanager Stadtteilwelten: Henrietta Langholz

Kulturhaus Dehnhaide e.V. is member of
Stadtkultur Hamburg e.V.
Bundesvereinigung Soziokultureller Zentren e.V.
LAG Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Kinder- und Jugendkultur Hamburg e.V.



Wohldorfer Str. 30
22081 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 -299 50 10

Heute im Barmbek°Basch: